Monday, June 9, 2008

Online Scanner: Scanr

Like all sites featured on this blog, I obviously prefer online productivity. I abhor the downloading and installing of programs only to realize that it doesn't run or it takes a license/registration key. Well, for today, I can do mobile scanning online without lugging around my bulky scanner.

Scanr has been a reliable friend for almost 2 years. I do a lot of whiteboard instructions and I hate repeating and re-writing my outlines every week. What I do is take a picture of my whiteboard through my 2MP digicam or camphone and email it over to An email will arrive shortly with the PDF version of my whiteboard notes. I can just email this or show through a projector what I wrote to my next class. Not bad, eh?

It doesn't end there, though. Scanr does documents too. Like, if I need to photocopy a page on a book (, have an image or business card ( on PDF format. All I need is take a picture, send the email to the site and voila.

There is a paid version wherein you won't see a scanR watermark on the final PDF forms. But the free account is better than fine for me.

For today, Scanr gets *****.

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j.a. said...

sorry guys, scanr is no longer alive. but i'm keeping this post to save my trail.