Monday, February 16, 2009

Online Financial Manager: Spending Diary

Here is another site that keeps track of your spending. SpendingDiary is a no-sense web app that stores all your expenditures on a calendar basis. It allows you to monitor expenses and may perhaps, help you save. Currently, it uses dollars, euros, pounds and rupees as denominations. Despite the missing peso currency, their service still offers a good financial manager option.

Since it is online-based, you don't have to keep an active file in your hard drives. Just log on to your account, and get your financial details ready. This is a fairly simply interface, so do not expect bells and whistles here. It merely stores information in a more convenient and organized way. All you need to do is keep your receipts and enter the data to keep track of spending.

For today, SpendingDiary gets *****.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Online Hard Drive: Syncplicty

Cloud computing is getting better with time. A few days ago, I was bit worried about my over-the-2Gb-limit with my free DropBox account. Subscribing to more storage for a fee was not an option. Don't you just hate it when you need to reorganize your synced folders and delete most of them?

Anyhoo, TG for Syncplicity. As usual, in one of my idle browsing moments, I stumbled upon Syncplicity. It had the same concept and architecture as DropBox and it did more syncing with other Web 2.0 apps (e.g. Google Docs & Facebook). As I toured around and viewed the how-to feature, I couldn't help but blab over it to another human (in the person of Sheryl, eherm) who will simply find this app a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Definetly, a keeper. If you want to sync your files from different computers and make flash drives obsolete, then go sign-up. If not, you can leave your email address for an invite and up my standard 2GB with 1Gb for referring. :) Everybody wins with DropBox AND Syncplicity.

For today, Syncplicity gets ***** for saving my virtual storage/syncing dilemma. YaY!