Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warm-The-Heart Recipes: MY San Grahams

What is fun about this recipe site is it has a page dedicated for cooking with kids. It lists out kid-friendly recipes for that summer to-do activity. Most of the MY San's recipes are desserts. And of course, graham cakes and pies are their specialties. I love how they lay out the site and how navigating is easily done here.

Anyway, the Fun for Kids feature is really what got it here on my list. Thanks, MY San. :)

Of course, MY San Grahams deserves ***** today.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Online Store: Kim Store

It's not a surprise: I am a gadget freak. I don't normally post stores and give free publicity, but this is my exception. If you're in these islands, gadgets can be very pricey to the average consumer, but this site offers gadget shopping in surprisingly low prices. The entrepreneur behind this site needs some recognition for offering these wonderful deals to the average Pinoy. :)

For today, ***** for KimStore to satiate my gadget-hungry diet.