Sunday, October 3, 2010

Online Music: Hype Machine

One of my not-so-secret pasttimes is to scour for really good music. Whether it's mainstream, classical, alternative rock and or most esp indie, I can devote much of my online time just cruising to playlists. Unfortunately, some of my top melting spots are either gone in webzone or have gone into paid subscriptions.

Out of misery and google luck, I happenstance on Hype Machine, which I am utterly grateful! Quickly, I made an account and I'm in music plethora. The interface comes with a bottom player which comes with user- & share-friendly buttons. Blog--email--buy--savor the music... it's all free for the taking (at least, for now.)

Today, Hype Machine is completely whack with *****!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Editor: Citrify

It's nice to bump into new sites that just improves the usual. Citrify is another great online photo editor that is user-friendly but ultra portable. There's no downloading anything except your photo masterpiece. I'm still a big fan of Picnik for cutesy creations, but Citrify is best for editing on blemishes and tweaking on effects. Think of this site as a really simple Photoshop and Picnik combined. But its app is pretty powerful and nifty to use, and it easily integrates to your computer as if you're using an installed program.

For today, Citrify gets ***** as it hopefully becomes a robust online tool.

Citrify Intro from Citrify on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips & Tricks: PrintWhatYouLike

Is it ever crappy to cut/copy/paste text on notepad or Word from a website? And what about just printing off from your browser? Talk about waste of ink or paper. Unless it's a printer-friendly page or you've mastered the art singled-handledly, Printwhatyoulike helps to ease that printing chore. Plus, there's no download done! Check out the site's how-to through their video:

Bottomline: It requires routine to get used to this printing aid. Remember it works for sites that are not encrypted. Secured links or forms usually do not work on its link generator. Think of this site's portability when the lazy gets tough ;)

For today, I adore PrintWhatYoulike for making printing webpages less boring and easy!*****!