Sunday, March 29, 2009

Online Videos: Free TV-Video-Online

Streaming movies is the buzz for the week! My student just gave me another site that adds to the bounty of P2P movie watching. What I love about this site is the immense list of movies AND TV shows that are updated regularly! Wow.

Talk about movie marathons! It beats blue ray players, with the choices of titles here.

Anyway, thanks Karl for this awesome site. I might as well cancel out my movie rental subscription with a local DVD store.

For today, a whooping ***** for this wonderful online video bonus!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Online Videos: TV Okay

While in the topic of Summer and movie-watching, here's another movie portal that offers free streaming of great movie releases and TV show episodes. No wonder ditching the TV is an option these days as the ever-reliable PC gets into the living room action with these multimedia perks.

What I love about this site is the choices that you can make with viewing and the updated list of movie titles. Although no true movie site catches and replaces my fave already-zapped-from-web-existence movie site, but this comes in as a close second (or 3rd) after I just wrote PlayandWatch.

Movies, can't live without 'em even if I am not a true-blue movie buff. For today, TV Okay gets a more-than-OK rate, *****!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Online Videos: PlayandWatch

Summer is moving faster than I could type on this blog. The heat just wants me to stay indoors. What fun it is with movie streaming and online gaming. For today, my suking movie site is completely wiped off from the Web. So, the dilemma of finding a more functional and reliable (read: location-friendly) video portal that offers great releases is becoming clearer like the summer sun.

One productive evening, I found out about Playandwatch. It does not bring the usual bells and whistles like my fave movie site, but this has been a good substitute. On good bandwidth, you can get movies, TV shows and even some games. There's more to movies on this site, as the name implies.

Yet, I'm happy. Movie-watching and summer bumming go hand-in-hand with this site. Yes, *****!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Font Generator: YourFonts

This month has been very, uh, serious. Work has been really hectic. So when I saw this site, there was an overwhelming feeling of warmth. Something always brightens my day online.

Anyway, YourFonts make your own handwriting into a font. How cool is that?! It digitizes your handwriting and make it into a template. This is free (for now), so head on and abuse it.

Uh, oh. Still a tough week. Gotta do this one and head to work.

For this perk-me-up, *****!