Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Downloads: Giveaway of the Day

Whenever I feel bored and there is no sense surfing endlessly, I head on to GAOTD. This site offers free downloads of licensed programs good only for the day (duh!) The best feature though is the comment section. It can get very addicting if you spot thumbs ups and downs for a particular program. Plus, you get freeware, shareware or opensource alternatives of the download of the day. If you diligently follow the comments line, I'm sure you will get better results.

Anyway, I've been RSSing to this site and I've posted their widget on my iGoogle for almost months now. How's that for fail-safe netting of the freebie goodies. Since Monday though, their featured downloads have become really interesting. I am so sorry for my PC though since I've been downloading and installing a lot these days.

For today, I give GAOTD *****

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Online Hard Drive: Box

I'm dying to get my hands on an ASUS eee. A few people are discouraging me to buy one because of the miniscule memory and lack of optical drive. I really don't care. I just want it fit my small-ish tote bag. It's not like advertising that I have a laptop. Anyways, if I want memory, I can always buy an external drive, flash drive or have a virtual drive. Tsk, tsk.

For many years, Box has securely stored my files online. although the limited memory can be daunting, I have managed to wisely select and prune my files. Very obsessive-compulsive about it. This online hard drive delivers perfectly, thank you. Sharing and collaboration? Not a problem. It keeps account members updated with its productivity tools by partnering with promising sites that offer mobile/online features. Thanks to Box, I have managed to survive a few re-formats without twitching my eyes.

For today, I give Box: ***** for sanity saved.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Online Scanner: Scanr

Like all sites featured on this blog, I obviously prefer online productivity. I abhor the downloading and installing of programs only to realize that it doesn't run or it takes a license/registration key. Well, for today, I can do mobile scanning online without lugging around my bulky scanner.

Scanr has been a reliable friend for almost 2 years. I do a lot of whiteboard instructions and I hate repeating and re-writing my outlines every week. What I do is take a picture of my whiteboard through my 2MP digicam or camphone and email it over to An email will arrive shortly with the PDF version of my whiteboard notes. I can just email this or show through a projector what I wrote to my next class. Not bad, eh?

It doesn't end there, though. Scanr does documents too. Like, if I need to photocopy a page on a book (, have an image or business card ( on PDF format. All I need is take a picture, send the email to the site and voila.

There is a paid version wherein you won't see a scanR watermark on the final PDF forms. But the free account is better than fine for me.

For today, Scanr gets *****.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Online Animator: GIFworks

Well, I haven't really experimented with this site, but I think this is a fun way of spending time online. GIFWorks promises to let you in on some GIF images for free. Plus, you can customize your photos for a .gif effect too.

So what do you really get from GIF crap? For one, you can embed them on your blogs or sites. Second, surftime isn't boring. Third, you create your own animated logos and photos! Another thing is, you don't need to download and install anything on your computer as all of the action is done online.

For today, I give GIFWorks: *****.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free Ebooks: Scribd

Information overload never got so addictive with Scribd. Actually, it is more than your usual ebook download area. It houses all documents uploaded and shared by account holders. All you need is a free account, of course, to be able to download the ebook or doc you like. You can have a .doc, .txt or .pdf file format versions for download. Though, not all will be applicable.

Searching for new material is not so demanding and time-consuming with Scribd. It not only is a site for information exchange, it becomes a sort of social networking with "Add Friends" feature on your profile.

For today, I give Scribd: *****

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

File Converter: Zamzar

Installing freeware and shareware is a hit-or-miss. It freaks me out when a program does not install properly in my PC. Zamzar is saving me this disastrous scenario. When I want to convert any (well, not all) type of file to a certain file extension, I head to Zamzar for its free online conversion tool.

You need internet connection and an email address for the site to notify that you can readily download your converted file online. Sad thing is, since this is a free account, you don't expect your email notification automatically. It depends on the site's traffic. For a fee, you get premium service of course.

Still, I love its youtube-link-conversion-to-video-file-of-your-choice feature.

For today, Zamzar gets *****.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tips & Tricks: Lifehacker

Sure, I get information overload too. But I like it that way than have a blank brain. Anyways, I head on to Lifehacker to get more than the caffeine high. It's a portal for many (read: absolutely numerous!) tips and tricks. It goes from being technical to being a DIY's haven. Enough said, I digg the links on most of its posts.

It is displayed blog-style and you always get the freshest advice out there. Don't forget the comments too. Some of them are worth more than the actual posts. Thanks to an interactive web. Lifehacker is going to outlive your monitors!

For today, I give Lifehack: *****

NB: Of course I always rate my picks of the day 5 stars! I just love how it is seen.