Tuesday, June 3, 2008

File Converter: Zamzar

Installing freeware and shareware is a hit-or-miss. It freaks me out when a program does not install properly in my PC. Zamzar is saving me this disastrous scenario. When I want to convert any (well, not all) type of file to a certain file extension, I head to Zamzar for its free online conversion tool.

You need internet connection and an email address for the site to notify that you can readily download your converted file online. Sad thing is, since this is a free account, you don't expect your email notification automatically. It depends on the site's traffic. For a fee, you get premium service of course.

Still, I love its youtube-link-conversion-to-video-file-of-your-choice feature.

For today, Zamzar gets *****.

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