Friday, July 18, 2008

Online Video: Watch-Movies

This month has been reel-y exciting. Full-length videos can naturally be accessed for free online. I started with Movie6 but with this newly discovered site aptly named, Watch-Movies, has made my video library wider. Like always, be forewarned that bandwidth matters with any type of streaming that you do online. And, the video quality differs from one to another. Watch and enjoy the movies that you like for free... What a catch-phrase :)

For today, because I like to be distracted from work, I give Watch-Movies: *****.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Online Word Processing: Google Docs

Google has never ceased to amaze me. I am proud to say that I'm not a Yahooligan, rather I dwell in the recesses of Google scientists. Anyway, back to business. I'm currently tinkering with Google Docs. Years ago, the interface and its usability sucked. MS Word or Thinkfree was more my (word-processing) game. But here comes the newly improved suite; you have templates here too. Additionally, you get support from different file formats like PDF and xls sheets, which is a very good thing! And I might add, you can work offline by installing the program on Google Gears.

For today's increased productivity level, I give G Docs, *****.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Online Financial Manager:

My wallet is constantly draining money. Personal finance management takes more than skill and having lots of moolah. I have been scouring for free financial tools, but I actually cannot find one that fits MY needs (read: free tools!). Anyway, I bumped into which is a segment of Mint, a popular web-based personal financing manager. If I only had a US-based dollar account, I would very much take advantage of Mint's awesome cash-in cash-out personal monitoring. Oh, well. Their blog to debt-free and budgeting freedom takes on with

I still need to browse through their collection of tips and articles relating to money and purchases. Though for today, I would give *****.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Online Videos: Pinoychannel

Sucker for local Philippine TV shows? I hate to deny it or announce it. Maybe, I classify myself in-between. Sometimes, I do and sometimes I don't. Enough of the rambling. TV sucks big time. Subscribing to the Filipino Channel sucks in more dollars from your pockets. Thank God for Youtube. But better yet, thank God for Pinoy Channel! You get choice-cut and fan-based (aka. popular) TV shows from all Philippine networks. And all you need is a good LCD monitor and strong bandwidth.

Actually, I rather drone online, but with this site, it gives more reason to junk my television out of the house.

For today, I give Pinoy Channel: ***** for its juicilicious Pinoy gossips.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Online Videos: Movie6

Hohum, A boring day. Watching movies definitely spices things up. I head on to this site for some streaming pleasure. usually, new titles are on the list. Quality is definitely suffered, but for the extra charge of free-ness, well, i can't complain.

Your bandwidth must be healthy and robust though as each buffering second can be excruciatingly long if you don't have faster connections. Oh well, popcorn in microwave, soda at the side, move the couch near the monitor...and i'm all set for a night fest.

i won't promise you HD-quality here... but it's better than your usual reruns on TV.

For today, I give Movie6: *****