Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Downloads: Giveaway of the Day

Whenever I feel bored and there is no sense surfing endlessly, I head on to GAOTD. This site offers free downloads of licensed programs good only for the day (duh!) The best feature though is the comment section. It can get very addicting if you spot thumbs ups and downs for a particular program. Plus, you get freeware, shareware or opensource alternatives of the download of the day. If you diligently follow the comments line, I'm sure you will get better results.

Anyway, I've been RSSing to this site and I've posted their widget on my iGoogle for almost months now. How's that for fail-safe netting of the freebie goodies. Since Monday though, their featured downloads have become really interesting. I am so sorry for my PC though since I've been downloading and installing a lot these days.

For today, I give GAOTD *****

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