Friday, July 31, 2009

Warm-The-Heart Recipes: Nescafe Samalamig

I know it's past summer, but Nescafe Phils.' site is still on my mind. There is a collection of varied sago-filled coffee recipes that will surely hit your caffeine fix. Check out the coffee banana cooler, milky coffee mania, chocofee, wow man gulaman, and so much more. Some ingredients do need some local shopping like sago.. but you can figure it out by improvising ;)

As you try all these recipes, don't forget to rate them. And perhaps, you can mix and match some of the recipes to create a newer, grander version of your cool java.

Don't bother with "warm-the heart", this COOL recipe page for coffee lovers gets *****.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo Editor: Sumo Paint

Here we go again: photo enthusiasts will whet their photo editing skills through the online editor Sumo Paint. I recently signed in a free account to chance upon my curiosity. Just by seeing the video tutorial, well, I'm impressed! It's like a radioactive MS Paint but more. Photoshop needs to consider this stiff competition with this available online and free, at that!

The site seems very compact, and the tool bars are not as simple as Picnik. But who can complain, this provides more editing possibilities. It does need some getting use-to since it somehow merges social networking into this site. At least, people can see your work if you choose it on public mode.

Just because my creative juices are flowing, Sumo Paint deserves *****.