Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photo Editor: Picnik

I might have been a Picasso reincarnate of some sort. Tweaking of digital photos has never been easier with Picnik. There are advantages of editing photos online: (1) I don't have to worry of installing programs, (2) I can get great features for free.

It's like playing with an assortment of objects and image-editing tools with a professional streak. To be honest, I was thinking of taking formal lessons for Photoshop. But because of Picnik, I think I'd leave that program to those who have so much time in their hands. :)

Additionally, since this is a free site, you get inaccessible advanced features on the site. For the free features, I would still hang on to my free account.

For today, I give Picnik: *****

Friday, May 30, 2008

Online Hard Drive: DropBox

Although still on its beta testing, DropBox catches my full attention and deserves to be my first URL posting. DropBox carries 2GB of online storage as of this writing, and the best feature is you can access your saved files anywhere in the world, for as long as you install their program on the PC you're using.

This is a great technology especially if you us multi-PCs. You can access your files offline or online, and the files update automatically upon internet connection. No need to worry of overwriting and manually copying said files.

On the downside, whenever my net connection fluctuates, my files don't get updated immediately. In fact, when I work on a particular file saved on my DropBox folder and instantly shut down my PC after seconds of saving the file, there are bigger chances that your file will not be saved with the new changes. My advice is save your file at Dropbox folder and give at least 5 minutes to let the file update itself before you shut down your computer. Your guide that it is updated will be the "green check mark" icon on your file.

All in all, it is still a great innovation. This site lets me do away with USB drive file transfers. I don't worry about virus infections (not yet, anyways) and peripherals.

For today, I give DropBox: *****


once in awhile, i bump into great websites with nifty features and functions.
my recommendations often are not based solely on the looks department (however, it still does count!) but i am a sucker for the website's stability and efficiency.

this blog will account all my online discoveries due to an insistent fan :P. so hope this portal gives you an idea that i do not surf aimlessly. i actually share my discoveries too.