Friday, November 18, 2011

Online Photo Editor: Photovisi

It's too cute to resist. Tonight, the kids have been getting into photography and videography, With that, the easiest model is the mom. :) So, for a profile pic, I had a preference over a pic and they both voted for another. Quick fix: make a collage.

I didn't like the thought of downloading Picasa for quick edits and I'm getting impatient with using my ever-fave Picnik. Lo and behold, Photovisi came into the picture. No pun intended.

Fun, fun, fun with lotsa choices for layouts. I found another goldmine! Everybody was happy with the end result.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Style Guide: Chictopia

Coffee brings me to newer grounds. Today, I found Chictopia and exploited it because I got too jittery. First off, it is an online fashion diary made by and made for the majority. It reminds me of a classier StyleDiary but with more social networking and oomph. I am totally hooked especially the Street Style section.

And how hooked was I? I also sent a fashion article for their EUI blog. Well, you can't course through all of the site's pages in a day. It is very fresh and inspiring. I may have just found what I am looking for. Gone are the days of just using name-brand sites or Google Images (gasp!) for fashion inspirations. This is IT... or until the next best thing to style guides comes into place.

Come feast your fashionista eyes at Chictopia.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Online Tutorial: Livemocha

I've been meaning to improve my Spanish, and with Livemocha, I have found redemption! The site is just a playground of a lot of language activities and learners. It is like facebook for those who want to learn a new language. And wouldn't learning be more exciting and true to form to the meet-new-friends principle?

All other languages are offered, and paid courses are an option. If you are a student and a teacher by heart, this is a great opportunity to help other members as well. You get to earn points and use up for your language exploration needs.

Bottomline, I am hooked. Very hooked.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Online Website Builder: Wix

Finally, a new blog look, and it's about time! Pls send a comment for your thoughts. :)

A fresh way to restart this online project is featuring Wix. This site is as intuitive as it gets. It would make any html/css expert drool. Yet, it is so user friendly that any kid aged 5-90 will bring out a wonderful site as end-result.

Unlike those usual static pages, Wix creates flash-derived pages WITH you. All you need is a creative plan with a ready-start load of pics and videos (whatever applies), and you're all set. As always, a good website is all about content designed with flair. Wix will definitely help you in the technical area with a hefty sampling of templates, photos and all sorts of neat things. You'll surely have a blast. Start with the Wix how-to or be inspired with a few samples.