Saturday, April 23, 2011

Online Website Builder: Wix

Finally, a new blog look, and it's about time! Pls send a comment for your thoughts. :)

A fresh way to restart this online project is featuring Wix. This site is as intuitive as it gets. It would make any html/css expert drool. Yet, it is so user friendly that any kid aged 5-90 will bring out a wonderful site as end-result.

Unlike those usual static pages, Wix creates flash-derived pages WITH you. All you need is a creative plan with a ready-start load of pics and videos (whatever applies), and you're all set. As always, a good website is all about content designed with flair. Wix will definitely help you in the technical area with a hefty sampling of templates, photos and all sorts of neat things. You'll surely have a blast. Start with the Wix how-to or be inspired with a few samples.


SB Satorre said...

nice look ma'am jo:)

j.a. said...

thanks mam.. :D