Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Online Videos: PlayandWatch

Summer is moving faster than I could type on this blog. The heat just wants me to stay indoors. What fun it is with movie streaming and online gaming. For today, my suking movie site is completely wiped off from the Web. So, the dilemma of finding a more functional and reliable (read: location-friendly) video portal that offers great releases is becoming clearer like the summer sun.

One productive evening, I found out about Playandwatch. It does not bring the usual bells and whistles like my fave movie site, but this has been a good substitute. On good bandwidth, you can get movies, TV shows and even some games. There's more to movies on this site, as the name implies.

Yet, I'm happy. Movie-watching and summer bumming go hand-in-hand with this site. Yes, *****!

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