Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips & Tricks: PrintWhatYouLike

Is it ever crappy to cut/copy/paste text on notepad or Word from a website? And what about just printing off from your browser? Talk about waste of ink or paper. Unless it's a printer-friendly page or you've mastered the art singled-handledly, Printwhatyoulike helps to ease that printing chore. Plus, there's no download done! Check out the site's how-to through their video:

Bottomline: It requires routine to get used to this printing aid. Remember it works for sites that are not encrypted. Secured links or forms usually do not work on its link generator. Think of this site's portability when the lazy gets tough ;)

For today, I adore PrintWhatYoulike for making printing webpages less boring and easy!*****!

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