Monday, July 28, 2014

Online Music: 8Tracks

It's summer and an awesome time to spend with family and friends on the road! Yet, I quit my satellite radio subbie and we will be stuck with state-to-state radio stations. :( So, one productive Sunday afternoon, I chanced upon 8tracks to build a roadtrip playlist. 

On another note, I deleted my free version workout radio app. And besides Pandora and Tunein, 8tracks is the next best thing (might evict the two) while on my walking trail.

The site reminds me of Hype Machine where you can like and build your faves list, but in playlist format. It helps that the popular lists have already been filtered. iCoz, it's gonna eat your data plan after all!

So, I opened an account and you have two things to do: check the genre list and search your cup of tea. How hard can it get!


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