Friday, September 7, 2012

Online Photo Editor: PicMonkey

Found this awesome photo editor that doesn't require registering. Sometimes, this is a sigh of relief. I'm pretty much twitching whenever I give out my email address, no matter how many I own, to any web login. You always fear the marketing companies/phishers' whiffing to hound your email down. Evidently, Picmonkey's no-strings-attached-just-edit-photos philosophy hits the right note. And oh boy, am I glad to find it!

Anyway, grieving over the demise of Picnik is officially over (before it merged with Picasa). Lo and behold, Picmonkey was born! (At least, when I finally discovered it.) It has the looks and feel of Picnik, and the technical ease is a welcome treat.

Picmonkey's tools aren't just eye-candy. Features to edit photos are not just the usual basic edits, cross process or posterize. It comes cutesy fonts and overlays plus no-frills touch up options that made editing fun again. Pretty much, I'm very impressed of how robust the tools are and easy it is to manipulate and save photos. I might even say, Picmonkey can replace my watermarking software anytime! This site would truly be a big hit to kids, teens, and not surprisingly to photoshop novices and advanced users.

The only downside that I could think of--and I really dread stating--is the lack of having an account. It would somehow personalize and may even perhaps provide some limited photo storing to backup creations. BUT, it's not a big deal, since I love how portable and practical Picmonkey is.

Mind you, Picmonkey is not a GIMP or Photoshop alternative, but this is definitely a keeper!

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