Friday, January 9, 2009

Online Photo Storage: Picasa 3

"Auto-sync". That is the magic word that make my knees grow weak. I know, I know. Picasa? Now? I have been mistakenly ignorant about this product. Years ago, Picasa 1 was terrible in my photo-hosting dictionary, but something powerful had to lure me back to the Picasa Download page. And from the minute that I did download and run it, I felt no remorse at all!

This is a downloaded program. How come it's here on my URL pick? Plain simple: auto sync. I can sync my photos from the PC to the web in one click. Wheew... that's a godsend for a PAS photographer like me. I have so many photos eating up my PCs and the thing with syncing is just magnificent. I can make room for more pics when I delete them too after compiling all of them in the easy-as-ever movie maker embedded in the downloaded Picasa 3. Free 1GB offering for web albums would probably be the jackpot too as other photo-hosting sites put a hefty price tag for additional space.

Enuf said. Here's the How-To-Like-Picasa3 Video coz I'm running breathless over this tool! Most definitely, ***** for today!


Jerry said...

Oh, you got a nice blog here. I just saw them today. Keep it up.

j.a. said...

thanks, jerry :)