Friday, September 26, 2008

Multimedia Merger: Pixelpipe

I have tons of photos, audio and video files that are taking the biggest bite on my PC memory. Storing them on discs often make me cringe since I tend to overlook/forget about these memories when stored in different media. Online virtual drives make life easier though since I do not have to worry about storing them on physical media (that eventually gets lost or destroyed). Unfortunately, I hate the uploading part and worse yet, I hate the storage limitations. Keeping multiple accounts from many sites gets confusing and not worth the effort... so I always give up and end up backing my files elsewhere.

But, lo and behold, Pixelpipe is promising to make life easier... in the multimedia department. I haven't fully tried and tested the site, but it's worth the sharing. And finally, I can sleep better at night, knowing I can back up my photos without much trouble.

For today, I give Pixelpipe ***** for bearing uploading good news.

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